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Fleet management /
Vehicle Tracking
Asset Tracking /
Trailer Tracking
Cargo Tracking /
Passenger Counting
Personal Tracking
Special Environment Tracking


There are clients looking for simple GPS device with simpler features, however, in most cases, clients are searching for sophisticated devices with unique features specific to their needs. Suntech is dedicated to providing customized solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of each customer’s operational and tracking requirements.

  • Fleet Management/
    Vehicle Tracking
    Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking
    • Recovery of stolen vehicle
    • Cost reduction
    • Driving pattern analysis
    • How to coach drivers
    • How to save fuel
    • CANbus
    • OBD II Tracker
    • Vehicle finance lender
    • Car rental / leasing
    • Motorcycle tracking
  • Asset/Trailer Tracking
    Asset/Trailer Tracking
    • Location of asset/trailer
    • Longer battery autonomy
    • Fixed asset management/monitoring
    • Trailer tracking
    • High-value merchandise
    • Outdoor machine tracking
  • Insurance
    • Recovery of stolen vehicle
    • Driving pattern analysis
    • Crash-reconstruction
    • UBI (Usage-Based Insurance)
  • Cargo Tracking/
    Passenger Counting
    Cargo Tracking/Passenger Counting
    • Delivery status of cargo
    • Location of vehicle
    • Route deviation
    • Temp. monitoring
    • Cargo tracking
    • Bi-directional passenger counters
  • Personal Tracking
    Personal Tracking
    • Lone workers
    • Cable workers
    • Children
    • Aged Senior citizens
    • Silent listening
  • Special Environment Tracking
    Special Environment Tracking
    • Satellite modem
    • Satellite-cellular hybrid tracker
    • Fishing boat tracking
    • 3G trackers
    • R.F. trackers