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Fleet management / Vehicle Tracking

  • Is GPS location data always reliable and GSM connection always secured?
  • What happens if a GPS tracker gets jammed?
  • How can I reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs?
  • How can I identify registered/non-registered driver?
  • What is the driver's driving pattern? Is it cost-effective ? Is it a safe driving?
  • Understanding that correct GPS data and secured connection with a GSM network are essential, Suntech has always been devoted to the development of the most accurate and secure GPS / GSM tracking technologies.
  • We developed various anti-jamming solutions such as activating a siren or immobilizing the engine in case jamming is detected and the device is unable to transmit alerts to the control center.
  • We are well aware that our clients are highly concerned about cost reduction and transportation safety and we are dedicated to offering them effective and secure solutions.
  • By using OBD / CAN technology and various sensors, our tracking devices can collect vehicle information and calculate fuel consumption. Among the information collected, data logs are available for driving pattern analysis which includes the habit of abrupt braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding and cornering that can be utilized to reduce costs, and monitor and regulate the drivers.

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