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Multi-funcional Vehicle Tracker

The ST300, designed and manufactured by Suntech in Korea, is a feature-rich and technologically advanced GPS vehicle tracking device targeted in usage mainly for high-end segment clients.

The ST300, the latest evolution version of vehicle tracking/telematics solution device of Suntech, functions accurately by collecting location data through a built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver and various vehicle conditions through 14-pin (i.e a 10-pin port plus another auxiliary 4-pin port) event lines, and interacts remotely in real time with its server by using GSM/GPRS technology.

Key advantage of the ST300 is that it has a wide range of features or variants to meet various needs of customers. Based on our plentiful telematics device manufacturing experience and intimate market knowledge about tracking devices, we have applied truly practical advantages of this product category into product concept of the ST300 such as free mounting DPA (Driving Pattern Analysis) and other useful functions.

Based on the functions available on the ‘ST300B’ (i.e. a standard version), more functions can also be optionally available to meet specific needs of the users requiring customization. In addition to the basic functions of the standard version, some of the following functions can be included as optional items:

Key Features

  • Free mounting DPA (Driver Pattern Analysis) - Optionally available
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer
  • Firmware upgradable remotely (OTA: Over-The-Air)
  • 1-Wire interface with i-Button / temperature monitoring - Optionally available
  • ADC (or 2 ADCs) with 5V
  • RS232 Data inputs / outputs
  • Fuel sensors
  • Voice (audio) applications
  • Bi-directional (or Single directional) Passenger Counter
  • 3.3 Volt power supply port for an external application
  • CANbus J1939
  • RPM & Odometer
  • Jamming Detection
  • Route Deviation
  • Reporting triggered by vehicle heading angle
  • Anti-theft
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Location link on Google Map via SMS
  • Circular/Polygonal Geo-fences upto 60 zones
  • Telemetry functions
  • Functions to be connected with coin machine
  • Memory extension with Mini SD card (1/2/4/8GB): Optionally available
  • Reporting via satellite modem when cellular communcation is interrupted


GPS Specifications
Receiver Type 56 channel
Galileo* E1B/L1, Compass* ready
Update Rate 10 Hz
AGPS available
Accuracy *1) Position 2.5m CEP
Acquisition *2) Cold starts 29s
12s (AssistNow Autonomous)
Aided starts < 1s
Hot starts < 1s
Sensitivity *3) Tracking -162dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Cold strat -148dBm
* 1) All SV @ –130 dBm
* 2) It depends on aiding data connection speed and latency.
* 3) It was demonstrated with a good active antenna.
GSM/GPRS Specifications
Frequency & Sensitivity GSM 850 / 900MHz -104dBm
DCS1800 / PCS1900Mhz -102dBm
GPRS Multi-slot Class 12
Support all 4 coding schemes (CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4)
Technical Specifications
Housing Dimensions 90(W) x 58(L) x 26,2(T) mm
Weight 76g (w/o backup battery)
115g (w/w backup battery)
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS, GCF, Telcel, ANATEL, Nyce
Operating Temperature -30 ~ +80℃
Power Supply DC 8V ~ 33V *Main power +/- inversion protection
Electric Protection Protection against ESD and overvoltage
Back-up Battery Rechargeable 3.7V, Ni-MH 450mAh
Antenna Type Internal /External GPS antenna, Internal GPRS antenna
Motion detection Built-in 3-axis accelerometer
Data storage 2000 locations for lost coverage scenario
GPRS Communications TCP/UDP
Setting mode by USB cable or GPRS or SMS
Firmware upgradable remotely (OTA: Over-The-Air)
Power consumption Active mode 70~80 mA@12V
Typical (3 min. reporting) 40~50 mA @12V
Sleep mode less than 2 mA @12V
Event Inputs 1 Input dedicated for ignition, and
3 Inputs for general purposes
Event Outputs 2 Outputs, Open drain output of upto 300mA for siren, vehicle blocking
Optional Event RS232, 1-Wire (temperature sensor & i-button), Voice, RPM, Odometer, CANBus, Passenger Counter
Vehicle power, DC5 or DC 3,3 Volt power supply port for an external application
Variation models ST300V (Voice), ST300R (RS232), ST300B (Basic), ST300A (Advance), ST300P (Passenger Counter), ST300C (CAN), ST300F (Fuel Sensor), ST300H (High), & ST300K(CAN Bus + 1 wire)