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Sigfox Portable Asset Tracking Device

The IP66 comliant ST730 device is a battery-powered mini-asset tracker utilizing GPS,
WiFi and sigfox technology that can be used for a broad range of asset management and tracking functionality.
In addition to the standard 3-axis accelerometer, the ST730 offers incremental capabilities such as ultra-low-power battery consumption and motion sensing. Designed to fit environments where space can be a premium, the reduced size ST730 can be installed easily and safely without concern of removal or accidental dislodging. The extended Battery offers a multi-year capability for prolonged use in environments where access to power is not available.

Key Features

  • GPS Location Tracking: GPS/WiFi/LBS
  • Wifi-fence
  • Geo-fence
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Hall/Magnetic and Temperature
  • SOS message
  • Jamming Detection
  • LED Functions: Sigfox, GPS, Wifi and Charging status
  • Supports Auto Sleep Mode


GPS Specifications
SigFox Frequency RCZ2 Tx 902.200MHz, Rx 905.200MHz,
RCZ4 Tx 920.800MHz, Rx 922.300MHz,
WiFi Network WI-FI B/G/N Support
2.4GHz only
Power Consumption  Sigfox mode in Rx: 17mA 
Sigfox mode in Tx: 200mA @ 22.5dBm 
WiFi mode:  12mA  / GPS mode :  40mA
Sleep mode: 15uA
Sleep on network Report once a day : 1,415 days
10 minute reporting: 389 hours
Power Supply Rechargeable 4.2V,  Li-Polymer 1500mAh
SigFox Output Power RCZ2/4 22dBm Class 0 certified
LED Status Indicator Sigfox, GPS, Wifi, Charging status
Motion Detection Built-in 3-axis Acceleration sensor
PC Sync Track  USB cable 
User Interface Power Button , SOS Button
Charger Adaptor, Charger Cable
Housing Dimension 75.0(W) x 50.5(L) x 22.5(T) mm
88.3(W) x 55.9(L) x 35.6(T) with magnetic holder  
Weight 78g (without holder) / 190g (with magnetic holder)  
Operational Temperature Range -20°C ~ +60°C *
Certificates FCC, Sigfox
  • * Please pay a full attention that vehicle shall NOT be left under direct sunlight long time in hot weather. There is a risk of battery explosion in hot temperature.