Mobile Resource Solution


Personal Tracking

At Suntech, we stock a range of Personal GPS Trackers to provide you with a highly accurate GPS location and real-time movements of the person who has the tracker. Our tracking device is ideal to keep track of lone workers, remote workforce, senior citizens and children. Also, our personal tracking device has a “Listening Mode” that you can activate for security purposes and compact, allowing them to not attract attention as they are easily concealed in clothing, bags or coat pockets, and has a “Listening Mode” that you can activate for security purposes.

Asset Management

For assets with no power supply, our tracking devices are equipped with high-capacity internal batteries for lasting operations. Fixed assets can be monitored and managed with our trackers, and if stolen, the recovery process is activated immediately. In addition motorcycle tracking devices should be carefully designed because their battery capacity is smaller than that of automobiles. Suntech develops the ideal tracking devices for motorcycles as they are compact in size to be fully hidden upon installation and ergonomically designed to consume minimal amounts of energy.

Container Monitoring

Containers are of extreme importance to our clients and therefore we are always trying to improve our container tracking technology. We have tracking devices that can transmit delivery status and container location reports to a monitoring server, allowing our clients to monitor them on a real-time basis. Also, devices can monitor route deviation by pre-setting a series of circular / polygonal Geo-fences. The tracking device will automatically alert its server once the vehicle deviates from those settings.