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Suntech International is a global leader in the vehicle telematics industry specializing in the sophisticated
design and manufacture of both standard and customizable hardware solutions for fleet management,
vehicle security, driver behavior, fuel saving, asset & cargo tracking, Insurance and more.

ST730 Detail >

  • GPS Location Tracking: GPS/WiFi/LBS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Hall/Magnetic and Temperature
  • LED Functions: Sigfox, GPS, Wifi and Charging status
  • Supports Auto Sleep Mode

ST710 Detail >

  • Detecting ignition by wire or accelerometer
  • 1-Wire interface temp sensor monitoring
  • RS232 Serial for communication

Product Matrix (IoT)


: Optional
: Variant model available (Please check variable product part)

Features ST710 ST730
Network Sigfox Sigfox
Built in 3-axis accelerometer
Waterproof IP67 Device Only : IP65
With Cradle : IP67
Battery 220mAh 1500mAh