Special Solutions



Sigfox and LoRa are the IoT network in the LPWAN IoT market. That mobile network operators adapt their technology for IoT deployments over both cities and nationwide low power, wide-area networks (LPWANs). Suntech is knowledgeable in Sigfox technology, building their solutions either for their usage or for their customers.
In some cases, RF (Radio Frequency) technology is added to GSM technology. Once the container is stolen, it is likely to be hidden inside a building or a warehouse, making it difficult to track using only GPS tracking. To provide our clients with a more reliable tracking solution, we have a solution based on RF technology.


The Scuti is a maintenance server to provide the service which is the device management, FW update, and profile update.
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Script (S-Tool)

S-Tool allows customizing Suntech 4G devices to perform the client's specific function. S-Tool is capable of programming the device to work as the customers intend it to work and as their software application is expected. Suntech devices are easy to install in any vehicle and capable of configuring the report format and customizing the report between the device and the application server for the customer.

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

Our product (" ST20 ") has been specifically designed for the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) ecosystem. It is easy to install a direct connect device. It retrieves the vehicle information that is required by our ELD Compliance application partners through a direct connection to the vehicle with the appropriate harness (J1939/J1708). This required vehicle data is transmitted to the android device through the RS232 interface, which provides the data and charging connection.