Suntech ST20 is specifically designed for the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) ecosystem. It retrieves the vehicle information that is required by our ELD Compliance application partners through a direct connection to the vehicle with the appropriate harness (J1939/J1708). This required vehicle data is transmitted to the android device through the RS232 interface, which provides the data and charging connection.

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FMCSA ELD regulation commitment
and enrollment
J1708 IS015765-4

- Support Heavy Duty Vehicle Protocol – J1939 (250/500 kbps)/J1708
- Vehicle parameters passed through RS232 for ELD requirement:
  - Vehicle ID Number (VIN), Vehicle Speed, Odometer, Engine Hour, Engine RPM
- ASCII text data format sent over RS232 that can be connected to an Android based tablets or smartphones.
- Support LED - Indicator of Operating Status (Active/Sleep)
- Support Sleep Mode to Protect Vehicle Battery
- Support wired connection for data and charging to android tablet (Single Cable)
- FMCSA ELD regulation commitment and enrollment
- Support Vehicle protocol : J1939, J1708 IS015765-4

Specification ST20
AT Command Supported
Housing Dimension 53.5(W) × 56(L) × 19(T) mm
Weight 32g (without event cable) 
Power Consumption Typical (3min. reporting) : 10mA @24V
Sleep mode : Approx. 1.0mA@24V
Operational Temperature Range -30˚C ~ +80˚C
Certificates FCC, RoHS
Power Supply DC 8 V ~ 33 V, Main power +/- inversion protection
Electric Protection Protection against ESD and overvoltage 
5 pin connector Output Power
1x Enable (Control on/off of 5 pin cable to save power.)
RS232, Rx
RS232, Tx
6 pin connector J1708 +/- 
CAN Hi/Lo  
Power Supply (e.g. +12V/+24V)  
Interface J1939, J1708, RS232
Connectivity Output Vehicle data via RS232
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These external devices can be used for various applications with main devices.

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