The ST25T is a multi-functional telematics box sending values of external devices , and integrated with our vehicle devices such as ST600M/ST600MD or ST4300. The ST25T integrates any information of fuel level values, Sensor, RFID, Serial Camera and TPMS with the vehicle tracking device, the information are reported to the server via the tracking device. The 2 ADCs can measure any kind of external analog sensors.

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- Support for sending and receiving data between customer external device and ST600M/ST600MD/ST4300.
- Supports up to six fuel sensors using the LLS protocol. (RS232 : 2EA, RS485 : 4EA)
- Supports up three input type. (Detected to Falling Edge /Rising Edge /Both Edge)
- Supports up to two external ADC input for voltage reporting.
- Supports some AT commands
- Firmware Upgrade via ST600M or ST600MD or ST4300

Specification ST25T
Power Suppy DC 5V (From ST600M, ST4300)
I/O Connection 3 x RS232
1 X RS485
2 ADC/INPUT seleted by configuration
1 output , For conneting with Grouund line of external device
Power Consumption Active mode : 40mA @5V
Sleep mode : Approx. 3.2mA @5V
Housing Dimension 53(W) × 55(L) ×19(T) mm
Weight 32g (without event cable)
Electric Protection Protection against ESD and overvoltage
Operational Temperature Range -30˚C ~ +85˚C
Certificates FCC