Suntech ST710 is an economical waterproof tracking device that uses Sigfox and GPS technologies. It is designed with cost-competitive components like a simplified event line. With this low-cost vehicle tracker, we can efficiently provide a better solution for automotive insurance and fleet management markets to fulfill the needs of recovery of the stolen vehicle.

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- Circular / Polygonal Geo-fence
- Three reporting data: time, distance, heading-change
- Virtual motion and wired ignition
- Odometer Total and partial
- Hourmeter
- 1-wire interface temp sensor monitoring
- Detecting ignition by wire or accelerometer
- Parking/Driving/Emergency reporting
- Main power loss detection
- Upgradeable FW
- Automatic Sigfox zone change

IoT Sigfox
Specification ST710
Network Frequency RCZ2 -> TX: 902.2 MHz, RX: 905.2 MHz
RCZ4 -> TX: 920.8 MHz, RX: 922.3 MHz
GPS/Glonass Sensitivity Tracking -162dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Cold start -148dBm
Event Input/output 1 Input/Igniton/ output : ESD/Short-Circuit Protection,
selected by configuration available for Panic button,
Door sensor, or for Siren, Vehicle Blocking
1-wire interface 1-wire temperature sensor available
SigFox Output Power RCZ2/4 22dBm Class 0 certified
LED Status Indicator Sigfox, GPS, Charging status
Motion Detection Built-in 3-axis Acceleration sensor
PC Sync Track USB cable
Housing Dimensions 61(L) × 53(W) × 20.7(T) mm
Weight 70g (with event cable)
Power Supply DC 8 ~ 33 V, * Main power +/- inversion protection.
Power Consumption Operation 60 mA @12V
Sleep mode less than 1 mA @12V
Back-up Battery 220mAh Li-ion
Electric Protection Protection against ESD and overvoltage
Operational Temperature Range -40°C ~ +85°C
Certificates FCC, RoHS, Anatel (TBD)
We can provide highly customizable devices. Based on the functions available on the device, more functions can also be optionally available to meet specific needs of the users requiring customization. In addition to the basic functions of the standard version, some of functions can be included as optional items.

ST710R (RS232)

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