Vehicle Solutions



Our vehicle telematics devices are highly effective and versatile in stolen vehicles, tracking, and recovery. Unlike most other vehicle tracking technologies in use today, our products have been designed to operate with GPS 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat M1/NB IoT and Sigfox wireless technologies making it easy and possible to recover the vehicle.

Fleet Management

Suntech is well aware that our customers are highly concerned about cost reduction and transportation safety, and on-road productivity. By using OBD / CAN technology and various sensors, our tracking devices can collect vehicle information and calculate fuel consumption. Among the information collected, data logs are available for driving pattern analysis which includes the habit of abrupt braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding and cornering that can be utilized to reduce costs, and monitor and regulate the drivers.

Insurance / OBD

Suntech has been cooperating extensively with insurance companies to develop methods of collecting correct and reliable data. Based on our experience and accumulated technology, we are fully prepared to support specific client requirements. Our OBD telematics devices are an ideal for the industries such as vehicle insurance, fleet management, rental, leasing companies, and more areas because it is capable of sending reports about driving behavior and about alert conditions on harsh braking, harsh cornering, excessive acceleration, high speed, towing, unauthorized removal of the device.